Hi friend!

It’s about time you met me, Lauren Tucker, the girl behind the blog.

Yes, my last name is Tucker AND yes I know what it rhymes with *eye-rolling emoji*.

I am 26 and live in a small town near Stratford, ON with my boyfriend.

In the last year of high school, my parents divorced and I decided that I needed some space to make my own way. I moved to Niagara for university, where I took psychology and business.

We purchased, designed and built a brand-new home together late last fall, and we are working hard to make our new home cozier every day. When we are not watching HGTV or Netflix-marathoning at home, you can find us hitting up the local dog park, antiquing, planning out our next cooking experience or dragging him to see another horror movies that I LOVE SO MUCH…

My boyfriend is recently sober, as he has a history of binge drinking that was becoming destructive. That sentence was tough to type… but we are trying to be more open about the private hell¬†challenges that we have been facing together for the last 3 or so years.

I am literally the worst texter in the entire world and probably the only millennial that puts in more call minutes than messages monthly. Sorry, not sorry. IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE TO TEXT FOR 10 MIN WHEN WE CAN CHAT IN 3.¬†

In my professional life, I’ve advanced from a call center position straight out of school, to a role relationship managing for a major insurance company, to a sales role at one of the largest brokerages in Canada. I really enjoy building client relationships, helping clients to draft, construct and evaluate changes and to help strategize the best ways to make an employee impact. While I really enjoy what I’m doing, I’d like to move to a more strategic focused role in the next few years as I’m looking forward to being able to make an impact at a larger level.


I’ve made it this far without talking too much about my #1 man. My 97lb fluff-ball, slobber-puss, goofy, dork. My Bernese mountain dog, Donnie. He is my fave pal and my shadow. We are in love, madly and deeply, I will hear no arguments to the contrary. *heart eyes emoji* *heart eyes emoji* *heart eyes emoji*

You can find him @donnietheberner. In fact, just skip all that I have to say, go see him instead.